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I have always imagined luxury vacations to be these dream vacations that I could never afford. Although, after my first year of backpacking, I now prefer the backpacker style of travel. In my opinion, I feel you get a far better cultural experience than you do on a luxury vacation where you spend your whole time in a fancy hotel instead of being in town with the locals. I enjoy the unexpected experiences backpacking and the adventures that thrive within that style of travel. However this one luxury vacation would probably blow me out of the water and if I had the money I would totally jump on this amazing but expensive vacation package.

Recently, an Italian Businessman and a Chinese student have signed up to take a $1.5 million dollar vacation to all 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites offered by luxury website The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) deem 25 sites consider to be of “outstanding value” to humanity.

For more information about this check out CNN.COM

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