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How many countless hours have you spent trying to find that low-priced plane ticket? How many bids have you placed on travel sites to try to land that sweet airline deal and wind up getting cleaned out by other charges or baggage fees? Then you sit, scratch your head and ask yourself, “How do I know I am getting the cheapest ticket?” It seems like such a simple question that you’d think would have a simple answer. Yet, you never receive the same answer, or a simple one for that matter.

It’s always confusing trying to figure out when is the best time to book an airline ticket. Everyone has their own formula. Some say booking six or more months in advance is the best way to go. Others say that booking as close to last-minute as you can get is the ultimate way to get a cheap ticket. Whichever way you slice it, there never seems to be a rhyme or reason to any of it. The best I could do was to utilize fare alert tools on booking sites or use I would monitor fares for a maybe a week or two and try to get the lowest price, but it still felt like there was a better way to do this.

Well science is at it again helping solve the worlds biggest mysteries … and of course helping us low-budget travelers get a leg up in the game. CheapAir took out the guess-work and got down to the bottom of it and gave us an answer to our seemingly simple question

Their findings have shown that these are the “magic numbers” on the amount of days before your trip you should book your plane ticket.

Europe: 151 days
Asia: 129 days
The Caribbean: 101 days
Mexico: 89 days
Latin America: 80 days

No wonder why it seemed like no rhyme or reason. The best times seem to very much depend on the destination.

Check out the original article from the Huffington Post for more details.

Huffington Post Plane Article



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