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Hagia Sophia Top Places to Visit in Turkey
Hagia Sophia

Holidays come with tough choices. However, if you are adventurous and like beaches, shopping historical monuments and tasty food, traveling to Turkey is the right choice.

Here are 7 destinations in Turkey you should not miss.


Cappadocia had to top this list because of its exotic features that will blow your mind. It is has unique cave hotels and beautiful cave houses that will entertain your eyes and awake your imagination. The history of this region is well modeled and the underground churches and cities match its topography. Try a hot balloon ride or a horse back safari and you will have lots of experiences to write in your journal.


Blue Mosque Top Place to Visit in Turkey
Blue mosque

You cannot afford to miss an Istanbul tour. Although it is large and very busy and requires several days to visit all tourist sites, the city will remain in your mind for a long time Visit the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and the traditional Topkapi Palace. Istanbul is as alive as its name suggests throughout the year. You should visit the Grand Bazaar for some shopping, go to Bosphorous, see the beautiful shores and enjoy some traditionally prepared fish.


Pamukkale is where Mother Nature dwells. In English the name translates to Cotton Castle and you will understand the suitability of the name when you see the large solidified calcium pools of water. If you crave a Turkish swim, visit Cleopatra and dive in the ruins of Hierapolis.


Historical Ephises Top Places to Visit in Turkey
Historical Ephesus

If you know your history well, Ephesus was a huge city in the Roman Empire. While the ruins got destroyed, they have slowly been renovated but still revive the deep history of the Roman Empires rule. If you love photography, take a trip to the Celsius Library and join many tourists in taking photos of the most photographed landmark in Turkey.

Eastern Black Sea; Trabzon

Most tourists often forget to visit The Eastern Black Sea. However, it is beautifully packed with very impressive and traditional sites that will leave you craving for more See the beautiful Sumela Monastery and its position by the side of a steep cliff and wonder how it was built. Also make time and visit the Ayder Plateau and the lake of Uzungo.

Mount Nemrut

This is where the Komogene Kingdom built their unique royal tombs. While you may not access the tombs, you can learn about the landmarks on postcards. It is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. One thing you want to catch while at Mount Nemrut is the amazing sunrise that most tourists describe as the best sunrise in the world.


You haven’t seen the beauty of Turkey if you did not visit Antalya. Over 12 million visitors rock this town each year to enjoy its delights and surprises. The city has close to 160 five star hotels and numerous middle and low class hotels you can choose from. You can decide to be pampered in the sweet spas or enjoy the city in a budget package suite.

Other beautiful places you can visit include; Eastern Anatolia, Bozcaada, Pergamon.

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