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Frequent travelers may strive to pack light, but they also know that the right travel luggage is essential in fitting those key extra items. It is also essential that their belongings remain well-organized, for quick access to important items on the go. With baggage checking fees on the rise and with so much business technology required to be kept on one’s person, the most crucial item of luggage for frequent travelers these days is the carry-on bag. Fortunately there are some very attractive options out there for the discerning constant traveler.

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Smart Luggage Choices

New York-based company Briggs & Riley Travelware offers a popular carry-on bag that gets rave reviews from frequent flyers. The 20-inch wide Baseline International Carry-On bag fits readily in overhead bins, and though it is a little on the heavy side at over nine and a half pounds, it is incredibly durable and includes a garment sleeve built right in. It is quite durable, yet also features a lifetime guarantee that includes free repairs if you send the bag back to the company.

Another highly rated bit of travel luggage in the 20-inch size category is the Tumi Alpha. The Alpha is every bit as durable as the Briggs & Riley, if not more so, depending on which reviewer you trust. Either way its thick nylon exterior and rock-solid zippers are clearly built to last a lifetime. Its wheels are constructed with longevity in mind, and a smartly-design plastic guard plate allows the bag to be easily bounced up onto curbs when hustling through the street.

Not to be overlooked is the Victorinox entry to the 20-inch class of carry-on, the CH-20. Victorinox is of course the Swiss Army brand, known for their knives and other versatile gear, and so you can expect plenty of handy options built into the luggage they design. The bag includes compression straps both for interior organizational purposes and exterior for securing heavier loads, as well as a convenient top and front pockets for instant access to key items such as tickets, keys or phones. Victorinox travel luggage also tends to be a little easier on a traveler’s budget, which is certainly a considerable perk.

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