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The number of trekking spots available in US is limitless giving you an opportunity of choosing the best for your satisfaction. Always make sure you are decisive enough in your choices to avoid frustrations and regrets later on.

To make your selection easy, this article will discuss the top trekking spots that you can sample when visiting US and how to enjoy to the fullest.

John Muir Trail

  • This trail is 339km long with a huge part of the trail standing on an elevation. It is a good spot for hiking alone or with friends and family members. If you will be brave enough to get past the Sierra Mountain Range, you will enjoy seeing canyons, lakes, peaks and cliffs that characterize this trail.
  • Most of them are from ancient generations and have a lot of history in store for you to sample out. The period between June and September is the ideal one to visit this trail because snow is ever-present.

Mount Whitney

  • Never be fooled to believe that mountains cannot make the best trekking spots. This is one of the mountains in US where visitors throng every year to enjoy hiking among other things.
  • It has one of the tallest and enjoyable peaks in US and getting to the top takes approximately 34km. Very few people who have attempted climbing up the mountain make it but you can be an exception since that is where the whole fun comes in.
  • There are many switchbacks, river crossings, snow fields and slick boulders that you will encounter on your way up the trail. Once at the peak, you can relax as you enjoy the scenic view angled at 360 degrees.

Arches National Park

  • This Park has some extraordinary beauty that you must experience at one point in your life. It’s a favorite trekking point for many hiking and biking enthusiasts.
  • The red rocks and sandstone arches are some of the key attractions at the park that you can enjoy seeing by walking through each. Most of the trails are easy navigating through thus will not give you a hard time even if it’s the first time you are there.
  • Getting to the famed Delicate Arch will be the climax for your tour of this national park.

Denali National Park

  • This is not any other national park that you have visited in your life. It is the home to some of the untamed history of US with hiking activities being trail-less. You will have to look for your own path through the park which can be challenging.
  • Streams, rugged terrain and dangerous wild animals are some of the things to encounter at the park. New hikers are discouraged from visiting the park while weekend tours are limited or totally restricted for security reasons.

Pacific Coast Trail

  • This trail has been hailed as one among the best trekking spots in US. Thru-hikes are the common thing at the trail taking you through several national parks, three states, over 20 natural forests and thousands of lakes.
  • You will get to explore more than you expect and this stands out as one of the most enjoyable trekking spots in US.

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