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On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Grape Adventure Wine Safari event at Six Flags Great Adventure. I enjoyed my day getting wined and wild in the wildlife safari park with local wine vendors from all around New Jersey, USA.

We arrived bright and early for this quality day drinking event that began with a grape adventure through the safari. We were super excited to go up close and personal to the animals! It is definitely better than your typical zoo experience. All the animals were alive and awake running around the safari truck and occasionally blocking the road. They owned that park and they definitely let us know it. At least some of them posed for me so I could snap some classic animal photos.

grape adventure parrot
Hanging with crazy parrot

We reached a halfway point where the highlight of my day ensued. Along with sampling some wines I got to get up close and personal with giraffes!

Now who doesn’t love getting to feed a wild animal especially as something cool as a giraffe! Of course my arm was covered in giraffe drool when it was all said and done but it was definitely worth the experience, and of course, the photo.

grape adventure giraffe feeding
Grape Adventure Giraffe Feeding

At the end of the safari we ventured into the main area of the theme park where all the wine vendors put their best foot forward. There was slushy wine, spiced wines, hot wines, sangrias to be had, and even vendors concocting their own wine cocktails. I will have to say though; the wine slushy was impressive and ridiculously tasty. I tried the wine un-slushied and I was not a fan, but definitely would buy it for its slushy goodness.

After our pallets were covered in multiple wines we took a break and had lunch. Thankfully, the event allows you to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. Equipped with a loaded picnic bag of Wawa hoagies, cheese and crackers, we wondered over to the picnic area and chowed down. It was a gorgeous fall day to be outside and to top it off the ambiance was complete with chill out acoustics set by the talented guitarist performing.

grape adventure wine
Wine by the Bottles

Overall, Grape Adventure gives a wild side to the typical wine tour. Although the end of the tour wined my pallet out, I definitely purchased some to take home. This event takes places every year the weekend after Halloween and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun filled day out.

For more information about Grape Adventure or other Six Flags events click here.

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