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Street Drinking w. Fellow Travelers

When I left for my trip last year, I told people I was doing just that, going solo. My friend’s and family’s jaws dropped along with a look of fear for me came into their eyes, but traveling solo is not as bad as one would think. The fear just comes from inexperience of having never traveled alone before. I personally never took vacations for years purely on the fact I had no one to go with, which is honestly the worst reason in the world not to take a trip. Most of the time, at least in my experience from talking to other solo travelers, many prefer to travel alone

Now I can hear the wheels turning, “How can one enjoy traveling alone, isn’t it scary?” The whole point of travelling is to have new experiences and meeting new people, so honestly you are never really alone. The big plus side though is you have absolute freedom to create your journey as you see fit and on your terms.
Now granted, if you have a friend to experience a trip of a lifetime with by all means don’t pass that up. All I’m saying is that traveling solo is just as fun. There are so many ways to meet people along the way that you’re never completely alone. Here’s 5 tips on traveling solo to keep in mind while on the road:

  1. Hostels

    Dorm Mates Ready for Night Out

    Hostels are homes for backpackers across the board. They usually offer rooms from single room to dorms rooms of 10-20 beds. Usually people residing in those dorms are solo travelers and pairs. Almost every large dorm I have stayed most of the tenants were traveling solo. There was no shortage of people to pair up with and go exploring. If you stay in a small hostel, just hang out in the common area. I stayed in a super hostel when I was in Thailand, and within an hour of hanging in the common room I knew everyone in the hostel and we all booked a cooking class together.

  2. Travel Networking Site

    Travel networking sites are great ways to meet up with people looking to do the same activities as you or find accommodation. I have often used sites like and for accommodation. A lot of people using these sites are travelers themselves. They are a wealth of information and can point you to the best activities to do or areas to explore.

  3. Work

    Working in another country is great way to learn about a culture and friend some of the locals. When I was living in Australia I met some of my new best mates on the job.

    Co-Workers at Aussie Bar
  4. Day/Group Tours

    Just get involved in local activities. When I was up in Cairns in Australia I went on a dive to the Great Barrier Reef. During the day I befriended two girls who I later went out with to celebrate Australia Day. We definitely showed those Aussies how to party.

  5. Just be Friendly and Social

    Put yourself out there. You never meet new people keeping to yourself. Put on a smile, say hi, and let the experiences unfold.

    Group on New Zealand Tour
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  • Great post! Congratulations on your first solo trip! I have heard it’s a wonderful experience, and that everyone should try it at least once in their life.

    • It was probably the best experience of my life and I definitely can’t wait to do it again for sure! Always seems like a scary concept to many, but once you get over the fear its the best decision one can make!

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