My escape room team
You have 1 min and 45 seconds left!

The time on the wall read 1 min and 45 seconds. Our hearts were pounding, adrenaline was pumping while holding a box that held the key to our escape. With the final clues in hand, all we had to do … Read More

trekking in the usa
Guide to Best Treks in the USA

The number of trekking spots available in US is limitless giving you an opportunity of choosing the best for your satisfaction. Always make sure you are decisive enough in your choices to avoid frustrations and regrets later on. To make … Read More

when to book you plane ticket for cheap
Study Shows When to Book Your Plane Ticket

How many countless hours have you spent trying to find that low-priced plane ticket? How many bids have you placed on travel sites to try to land that sweet airline deal and wind up getting cleaned out by other charges or baggage fees? Then you sit, scratch your head and ask yourself, “How do I know I am getting the cheapest ticket?” … Read More

The Truth About the Loch Ness Monster
Pit Stop Moment: The Truth About Loch Ness Monster

“The real Loch Ness Monster is not in Loch Ness… but under the kilt!” This pit stop moment photo is from a moment of truth. During my trip through the Scotland Highlands we came across a cheerful Scot in full traditional highland dress playing … Read More

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand photos taken during my 3-day stay in Auckland. You can read more about what sites to see in my post about Auckland’s Big 14.

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