Jumpstart Your Trip: Sites to See in Europe

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Traveling to Europe is at the top of many people’s bucket list. Journeying between countries is quick and easy; you can be in France one minute and England the next. Get a jump-start to your journey with some of these beautiful sites to see in Europe!


aachen cathedral sites to see in europe
Aachen Cathedral

In Germany the castles and cathedrals are a breathtaking view. The Aachen Cathedral was the first of its kind; its vaulted ceiling created the mold for many more structures that came along. It is also the resting place of Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, due to his love of the building.

The Abbey and Altenmunster of Lorsch and  Bergpark Wilhelmshohe should also be on your list of notable sites to visit while in Germany.  The Abbey and Altenmunster of Lorsch have original Carolingian sculptures and canvases that are in mint condition. Bergpark Wilhelmshohe is the grandest hillside park in Europe. It is situated on a mountain side which leads to awesome views. Statues and lush fountains give a nod to the Baroque and Romantic times.


louvre france sites to see in europe

When in France you must see the Eiffel tower and the Louvre, but there are other sites that warrant attention as well. The Abbey Church in Vienne is often called the Roman-style Sistine chapel; it is filled with murals from the eleventh and twelfth centuries that have been kept in great condition. The Amiens Cathedral is a traditional Gothic church. The church has held its shape even through a dreadful fire that erupted in 1218. The Arles Romanesque monuments are a sight to behold. These ruins were the hot spot for political purposes and religion in their prime.  Belfries of Belgium and France are a string of over fifty vital towers that span through France and Belgium.


blenheim palace theredlist sites to see in europe
Blenheim Palace

In England you may want to visit Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. It was the home of the first Duke of Marlborough. The palace marks the stamp of English Romantic Design and separates itself from the main Traditional French Architecture of the area. Another must-see when traveling to Europe is the Canterbury Cathedral. This Gothic-inspired Basilica is the official headquarters of the church in England. The building houses St. Martins Church which was the very first church erected in England.

When traveling to Europe there is no shortage on rich historical sites to enjoy. Let this give you a jump-start on your journey through Europe.

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